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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Tool

Optimization of search engines metals this coveted position among the top 3 results of search engines. It may take some time, but means that every step you make something good. Use this free tool to check your position in the specific search engines to determine what keywords work and which need more work ... Enter a keyword line in the first picture, domain name / website test in the second box, check the boxes for the drivers you want to check the search, select the page range you want to check, and then click "check Position" and see the tool do the work !

How Does The Keyword Position Tool Work?

This tool will scan through the search engines for the keyword / phrase you entered to determine where your website link or a word. As the test runs, it's good to see the results immediately green. This means that your site is on the first results page of search engines for that keyword. Even if you do not have a position in the top 3, a hedge position is good news. However, if your site does not appear in the first ten pages, then you have a problem. It may be that there is not optimized for that keyword, or did not follow the quality guidelines and your site may be penalized.