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Keyword Density Checker

Using this key tool density does not fix their mistakes, but to identify their mistakes so you can make the appropriate corrections. What is unique about this keyword density tool is that you can enter a URL or paste an item, choose the number of results to display keywords, and the number of words per sentence (up to 3 words ).

Within seconds, the results are displayed and you can see both the number and density of words and the most commonly used phrases. (Keyword Density is a percentage based on the number of times a word or phrase is used, compared to the total word count for this page.)

Note that the SEO elements (including keyword density) should always take a back seat to the quality of your web page or article. Otherwise, all SEO efforts are in vain because only pages that are interesting, entertaining, informative, useful or not to maintain a lasting presence in the search engines.

However, it is also important to use the keyword density tool and avoid the extreme of over-optimization or sub-optimization. Although there is no proven guidelines set by Google for the keyword density, you must have your primary keyword (s) between 2 and 3%, and secondary keywords (search long tail phrases ) between 1 and 2%.