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Page Rank (named after Larry Page) is an analysis algorithm used by Google links which measures how many links point to a website or page, and especially the quality or importance of offering websites these links. a numerical scale is used, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most important. In an attempt to "cheat the system" some website owners have tried to acquire links to your website in the hope of a higher ranking. However, these low quality links can have a negative impact and lead to lower Google Page Rank. Also, a website can be penalized or blocked from search results, giving priority to websites and web pages that have LinkBacks and content that is valuable to the quality of the man. If the page rank test results are lower than you want them, you may want to use this link verification tool again to determine the page rank (value) of the sites that are linking to your website or page and charge more the value of each individual link with this linkage analysis tool. In addition, you can use this link manufacturer retracement of tools to create value (high PR) linkbacks.Page range is updated only 2-3 times a year, so the best policy is to your best foot forward with the link value of construction and quality content, and run this test on a shift basis to see if there are any changes.